Saturday, June 8, 2013

From JC Originals Jazz! @ Moore's Lounge, JC Fridays, June 7, 2013

From the June 7 JC Originals Jazz showcase at Moore's Lounge for JC Fridays:

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hold on tight, folks...JC ORIGINALS ROCKS! for JC Fridays, June 1!!!

3 solid state rockin bands with more Jersey City combined cred than Frank Hague!  (They are alive.  They win.)

Check out this line-up!

Plastic Passion on facebook

These loud sisters have been twisting heads around the metro area for a bunch of years now, and Plastiq Passion has kept on rockin' while staying so funky fresh!

Sea of Otters on facebook

Juiced up and ready to rock, Sea of Otters electric is back with the great lyrics and hooks they're famous for, new vocals with a new line-up.  Get Otter-sized!

Warning!!! Rainbow Fresh will RIP your head off with top notch originals and funked up covers.  Better have a safe place to put your beer!

*  *  *

$10 suggested donation.  A portion of proceeds benefit Uptown Crew.

And since it's Friday night, you get Miss Ruth's Famous Fish Fry! (dinner extra)  So delicious and goes so well with Dog Fish Head 60-Minute IPA ($5!) and the rest of the good stuff.

Moore's Lounge...has been bringing live jazz and contemporary music to Jersey City for over 40 years.  Come experience the warmest room in town.

Moore's Lounge is at 189 Monticello Avenue (between Jewett and Gardner), Uptown Jersey City NJ.

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This event is a part of JC Fridays.

Friday, May 4, 2012

June 1 JC Fridays is gonna ROCK!


Stay tuned for three live bands to showcase at Moore's Lounge, one of Jersey City's premier live music venues, with weekly live jazz jams and ongoing concert series, as part of JC Fridays.

Remember, Friday June 1 is JC Fridays.  Come out for a truly rockin night of live music.  We haven't had this much JC credit on the JC Originals stage since we don't know when.  WHAT A LINE-UP! -->Plastiq Passion, Sea of Otters and Rainbow Fresh!

Mark your calendars!!!

[Check out a little Plastiq Passion on our facebook page:]

Friday, December 9, 2011

NEW TRICKS - LIVE at Moore's Lounge Sunday 11 Dec 11!!!

Fabulous Uptown Music is thrilled to bring back to Moore's Lounge


Jazz Quartet NEW TRICKS
Ted Chubb - trumpet
Mike Lee - tenor sax
Kellen Harrison - bass
Shawn Baltasor - drums

Out of JC Heights, these guys played Fabulous Uptown Music's JC ORIGINALS Jazz showcase at Moore's last September and tore up the house! It was an instant great fit, and we're excited to have them back.

"New Tricks plays as if they are one instrument and concomitantly their strong suit is their intuitive interaction and resultant tight sound.  New Tricks is well on its way to becoming one of america's premier jazz ensembles."
- T. Kalil

* * *

Moore's Lounge has been presenting live music for most of the 42 years they've been serving the Monticello and surrounding community, and jazz is one of its staples.  It's a warm house vibe with a beautiful stage, and Fabulous Uptown Music brings it to you with outstanding sound engineering and a warm welcome.

Don't miss it! Share this invitation with your friends!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Watch Charlie during Fabulous Uptown Music's JC Originals Blues Funk World! showcase at Moore's Lounge, 2 Dec 2011.

Monday, November 7, 2011

JC Originals Blues.Funk.World!

The JC Originals train is moving ahead FULL STEAM, this time with three all-new bands!

Fabulous Uptown Music presents
Another off-the-charts showcase with three ALL NEW BANDS!

* Anna and Marc bring searing jazz interpretations of songs, traditional and non. They've graced Moore's stage before at Uptown Crew's Open Mic.
* Out-of-town guests TIMBILA-this ecstatic percussion based world inspired collective is transcendental.
* Jersey City's Charlie AfroSheen is gonna funk you up yo.

Come out to Moore's Lounge 189 Monticello Avenue, between Jewett and Gardner. Take the Montgomery West Side bus from downtown to Jordan Avenue and walk 5 blocks south, or take the #87 bus from Hoboken, the Heights or Journal Square right to the door, at the corner of Jewett Ave.

And Friday night means MISS RUTH's FAMOUS FISH FRY!
Delicious dinner and live music at the bar. Come on out/UP!

Suggested donation: $10


A portion of proceeds benefit

This is our 4th JC Originals showcase!

For more information:
This event is a part of JC

Charlie AfroSheen...
Anna and Marc...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

JC Originals Jazz! coming again for JC Fridays, September 9!

An all-new mix of amazing talent coming your way!

Three bands, never before on stage at Moore's Lounge, bringing amazing jazz to Uptown Jersey City.

Nobuki Takamen Trio
Nobuki Takamen, guitar
John Lenis, bass
Yutaka Uchida, drums

Steven Husted and
The Low End Initiative
Steven Husted, bass
Jonathan Blanchette, guitar
Dan Walsh, drums

New Tricks Jazz
Mike Lee, tenor sax
Ted Chubb, trumpet
Kellen Harrison, bass
Shawn Baltazor, drums

Doors open 8:00pm * $10 (suggested donation)

And Friday means Miss Ruth's Famous Fish Fry!  (dinner extra)


A portion of proceeds benefit Uptown Crew, a NJ Nonprofit corporation.

 This event is a part of