Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hold on tight, folks...JC ORIGINALS ROCKS! for JC Fridays, June 1!!!

3 solid state rockin bands with more Jersey City combined cred than Frank Hague!  (They are alive.  They win.)

Check out this line-up!

Plastic Passion on facebook

These loud sisters have been twisting heads around the metro area for a bunch of years now, and Plastiq Passion has kept on rockin' while staying so funky fresh!

Sea of Otters on facebook

Juiced up and ready to rock, Sea of Otters electric is back with the great lyrics and hooks they're famous for, new vocals with a new line-up.  Get Otter-sized!

Warning!!! Rainbow Fresh will RIP your head off with top notch originals and funked up covers.  Better have a safe place to put your beer!

*  *  *

$10 suggested donation.  A portion of proceeds benefit Uptown Crew.

And since it's Friday night, you get Miss Ruth's Famous Fish Fry! (dinner extra)  So delicious and goes so well with Dog Fish Head 60-Minute IPA ($5!) and the rest of the good stuff.

Moore's Lounge...has been bringing live jazz and contemporary music to Jersey City for over 40 years.  Come experience the warmest room in town.

Moore's Lounge is at 189 Monticello Avenue (between Jewett and Gardner), Uptown Jersey City NJ.

*  *  *
This event is a part of JC Fridays.

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